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A three year old boy is rushed into your Emergency Department by the mother after he was hit by a car. The child is unconscious, has agonal respirations, and no palpable pulse.

Is your team ready to handle this situation rapidly, efficiently and free of significant medical error? Handtevy™ Solutions was developed for this exact purpose and has been implemented successfully in prominent hospital systems. Handtevy™ Solutions is a customized pediatric resuscitation system that gives healthcare providers the education and tools to rapidly and confidently determine a child’s weight and the corresponding drug dose without any mathematical calculations. The PES team will help you:

  • Reduce Medical Errors
  • Improve Patient Safety
  • Empower Your Staff
  • Minimize Equipment Costs

The PES team is excited to help change the attitude towards the pediatric patient by challenging current dogma and making a real difference at the bedside. With the Handtevy™ system, anyone can run a pediatric code with confidence!

Handtevy™ Consulting Services are customized to suit the needs of your Hospital.

The Handtevy™ system includes:

  • Onsite Handtevy™ lecture series
  • Interactive training and mock codes
  • Handtevy™ Length Based Tapemore info ...

    A length based measuring tape used to determine the estimated age of the patient and direct providers to the correct weight based drug dosages and size specific equipment.

    Handtevy™ Medication Bookmore info ...

    A customized pediatric drug book to be used by the medication nurse during a resuscitation. This amazing tool will reduce stress and eliminate error by eliminating the need for drug calculations.

    Handtevy™ Drug / Equipment Cards more info ...

    These books are created for use by the physician and the documentation nurse. The PES team will customize these hand held books to reflect the medications and equipment used in your emergency department. This unique item uses crew resource management techniques to catch errors before they occur.

    Equipment Cart Customizationmore info ...

    The PES team will transform your current Pediatric Equipment Cart into one that corresponds with the Handtevy™ System while at the same time remaining operational with your current length based system. Our experts will show you how to organize each drawer so that you are able to use it most efficiently during a resuscitation.

    Wall Postersmore info ...

    Three large, framed quick reference wall posters to be displayed in your code room so that your team can provide rapid, high quality care during a pediatric resuscitation.

    Handtevy™ Badge Buddies more info ...

    Quick reference badges given to your entire staff. The Badge Buddy directs the healthcare provider to the most critical resuscitation drugs and their corresponding doses in milliliters (mL).
  • One year of unlimited telephone and e-mail support
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    "We needed this
    system years ago!"

    Debbie Riggs, RN
    Nurse Manager,
    Emergency Department
    Cleveland Clinic, Florida

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