The HandtevyTM EMS

The HandtevyTM Pediatric Box is a complete, customized pediatric resuscitation and drug dosing system that allows the healthcare provider to run a pediatric code from start to finish. Paramedics will never have to calculate a drug dose again! Our team will customize the HandtevyTM Pediatric Box to your current drug and equipment needs based on your department’s specifications and regional protocols.

This unique system is so simple that even an untrained lay-person can determine drug volumes and age appropriate equipment within seconds compared to minutes using other currently available resuscitation systems.

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The Handtevy™ Pediatric Box includes:

  • Handtevy™ Online Educational Video An educational and entertaining video featuring Dr. Antevy’s one-of-a-kind resuscitation method, The Handtevy™. Uncover the secret to determining a child’s weight and accurate drug dosing for the most critical drugs used.
  • Handtevy™ Length-Based Tape A length based measuring tape to help providers determine the age of the pediatric patient and direct providers to coordinating pediatric drug cards and equipment pouches. * One (1) per box
  • Handtevy™ Pediatric Drug Book Customized pediatric drug book that contains only the drugs used at your department and the corresponding doses in milligrams (mg) and milliliters (mL).* One (1) per box
  • Handtevy™ Equipment Pouches Easy to use, age and length based pouches to quickly identify the proper equipment sizes.* Equipment not included
  • Handtevy™ Badge Buddies A quick reference card that directs the healthcare provider to the most critical resus citation drugs and their corresponding doses in milliliters (mL).* Ten (10) per box



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"This system will revolutionize
EMS forever."

Mazyar Rouhani, MD
EMS Medical Director
Miramar Fire Rescue

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